Oral cavity hygiene – several important tips from professionals!

Oral cavity hygiene – several important tips from professionals!

Good oral hygiene and appropriate care of your teeth is the path towards healthy smile. International researches show that 73% of the population has tartar, the deposits of which provoke the most popular disease in the world –caries. If you want to proud your teeth – follow the next rules which we discuss below.
Basic methods of dental care
Experts of Dental Lemiers clinic pay special attention to dental care and will help you to choose the right hygiene products and teach you how properly care for the oral cavity. By the way, in dentistry there are special indexes of oral cavity hygiene. They help dentists to determine how effectively person cares for the teeth. It is especially important to check the condition of the oral cavity in children under 6 years in order to prevent the development of caries in time.
Dental care can be individual (personal) and professional.
Individual oral hygiene includes everything what you can do at home: tooth brushing, tooth flossing, use of dental mouthwash etc. Tooth brushing and flossing remove tartar from teeth, and antiseptic mouthwashes kill some of the bacteria which can cause tartar.

How to choose the right toothbrush and toothpaste?

Everyone knows that need to use a toothbrush and toothpaste, but not everyone knows how correctly to care for teeth.
Let’s start with choosing the main hygiene “tool” – a toothbrush.
Most people can use medium-hard brushes, but those who have bleeding gums and periodontal diseases are advised to use soft-bristled products. It is recommended to change the brush every three months.

Oral cavity hygiene – several important tips from professionals!
Oral cavity hygiene – several important tips from professionals!

Toothpaste is the true “companion” of the brush. Today there are great variety of pasta, but the main one are: treatment and preventive paste, cream and gel, with increased concentration of fluorine or calcium. If you have problems with teeth or gums, choose paste only on the recommendation of your dentist. Such pasta as whitening and anti-inflammatory should be used for a limited period of time.

Do not forget about your tongue – a lot of bacteria accumulate on its surface. To remove them use the ribbed side of the brush or a special scraper.

Dentists recommend to clean teeth each time after eating. But what if you are at the office, or café and there are no brushes? In this case you can use floss – dental thread which you can easily put in your bag or pocket. Dental floss should be used at least one time per day, preferably before bedtime.

Oral cavity hygiene – several important tips from professionals!
Oral cavity hygiene – several important tips from professionals!

Is it necessary to wash mouth after tooth cleaning? Sure, for this you should use lotion or elixir. These dental liquid help to freshen your breath and additionally clean the oral cavity from bacteria. Wash your mouth 30 seconds twice per day

The procedure of professional cleaning is carried out in the dental clinic with the help of special equipment.
Even the best brush is not capable to clean your teeth by 100%. And given the fact that people spend an average 46 seconds instead of the recommended 2 minutes for cleaning their teeth, the development of tartar is inevitable. To remove all deposits from the teeth and provide reliable protection is possible with the help of professional cleaning.
The main types of professional dental cleaning are: laser, ultrasonic and Air Flow method. Dentist, with the help of special attachments, processes the teeth surface without the direct contact with enamel.

The procedure of cleaning can take from 30 minutes till one hour (depending on its type and condition of the teeth). As a result, the tartar is removed from the visible part of the tooth and the subgingival surface, the smile gets natural whiteness and shine. Professional oral hygiene should be performed 1-2 times per year. At the moment of dental cleaning dentist can identify the potential problems and prevent them in time.

Professional Teeth cleaning

How and when you need to care for your teeth – you already know. The one thing you should do is to use our recommendations, and then your smile will always be perfect!