Dentures on Implants

What will you receive from first appointment?

Save up to € 200 compared to other clinics for a dentist diagnostics

Printed treatment plan without obligations with all the pros and cons

2 to 3 alternative treatments (cheap and more expensive)

(with XRAY + € 30)

The treatment plan and quotation after the diagnosis is without obligation and without obligations

4 implants on the lower jaw

4 implants on the lower jaw

Dentures on 4 implants

Dentures on 4 implants
What is Dentures on Implants?

Dentures on implants it is a special type of dentures which snaps on the implants. It is an ideal solution for people who have problems with a simple denture or for people. A denture is a system where the crowns or a full bridge are placed in the jaw with the usage of dental implants and pushbuttons.

How many implants are needed?

Generally, at least 2 implants are need in both jaws: for the upper and for the lower, to keep the bridge. If your jawbone is good enough, it can be placed 4 implants. It can improve stability, as with a common bridge. After all, a bridge is more stable when more pillars are used. On the dental implants, the elements are attached by means of a click system. This system ensures that the artificial teeth in the mouth always stay in the right place. The elements are not cemented as with a solid denture. It means that you can remove dentures to clean.