Dental Implants

What will you receive from first appointment?

Save up to € 200 compared to other clinics for a dentist diagnostics

Printed treatment plan without obligations with all the pros and cons

2 to 3 alternative treatments (cheap and more expensive)

(with XRAY + € 30)

The treatment plan and quotation after the diagnosis is without obligation and without obligations

Placing of 4 implants

Placing of 4 implants

What is implant?

An implant can best be compared to an artificial root. It replaces a missing tooth root and installed as a screw. Implants are made of titanium material. Sometimes they can have ceramic layer. Implant provides support for a crown, bridge or upper denture.

Implant scheme

When implants can be used?

In case of absence of a one tooth. For this dentist places a metal or ceramic crown on the implant.

One tooth missed
Several teeth missed

In case of absence of several teeth. In this situation implants are provided with a firm bridge. Such bridge can replace one or two missing teeth.

In case of absence of all teeth and dialysis, a porcelain metal bridge can be placed on six implants.

All teeth are missed