Feeding habits

Nutrition, drinks and healthy teeth

Don’t eat or drink more than 7 times per day

Many foods can affect the teeth enamel. Generally this is not a big problem. Your teeth will recover after a while. In addition, saliva plays very important role. Saliva neutralizes acid and thus has a protective effect. If you eat too often during a day, your teeth will not get a chance to recover. That is why it is detrimental to your teeth if you are eating all day or drinking some beverages.

Don't eat or drink more than 7 times per day
Food and drink influence

How food and drinks affect the teeth?

Almost all our food and drinks contain sugar and starch. They can cause the holes in your teeth. Sugar is added to many foods, such as candy, cakes. But there is a natural sugar in products, for example in fruits. Starch is in potatoes, pasta, bread, crackers and legumes. If you often use foods containing sugar and starch, you are at greater risk of gaps in your teeth.

How drinks affect the teeth?

In fruit juice, yogurt and wine there is not only sugar but also some acids which cause holes. Acids affect your enamel. As a result, your teeth wear off. This form of wear is called tanderosis. Tandoring is a difficult process that is not easy to restore. The more often you use such products and the longer you hold products in your mouth, the greater your chance of tanturia. Also it is important the way you eat and drink. When tantry is not controlled, acids can dissolve the enamel and then even the exposed dental bone. Water, coffee and tea without sugar are not harmful to your teeth.

How often can I eat and drink without getting holes?

The chance to get holes is small when you eat or drink three or maximum four times per day. Then your teeth will have enough chances to be healthy.

Do light products better for my teeth?

Such products as saccharine for coffee or light drinks don’t to cause harmful effect on the teeth. Light drinks contain as much acid as regular soft drinks. The risk of wear of your teeth due to acidosis (tanderosis) is low.

How can I reduce the chance of wear my teeth?

Don’t eat or drink products that contain acids. The acid actually affects the enamel. The brush and the toothpaste are abrasive. If you brush your teeth immediately after eating or drinking products with acid, you can easily rinse the enamel. Then your teeth will wear out faster. Give your teeth the time to restore.

Reduction of rist of teeth wearing
Snacks affect the teeth

Do snacks affect my teeth?

The number of snacks impacts the health of your teeth. Of course, you know that a piece of fruit is better than products with sugar. Foods which are good for chewing, such as sandwiches, raw vegetables and fruit stimulate saliva. Don’t forget that too much sugar drinks can cause holes and teeth abrasion.

Eat apples than sweets

An apple or other (fresh) fruit is a right snack, even if sugar is in it. Fruit is not so harmful and usually can be eaten at once. In addition, fruit is very useful.

What is the effect of chewing gum?

If you use chewing gum, it activates the production of protective saliva. In many types of chewing gum there are sugar substitutes. Look at the packaging and choose a sugar-free variant. Xylitol is a natural sweeter. Xylifresh with 100% xylitol helps to prevent plaque and is recommended by the Ivory Cross.

Xyli Fresh

What can I do to keep my teeth healthy?

With good oral hygiene, you keep your teeth and gums healthy. So brush your teeth twice per day with fluoride toothpaste. Use the toothbrush to clean the spaces between teeth. Therefore use the floss, toothpicks and the advice of your dentist.

Several tips how to keep healthy teeth
  1. Choose three main meals per day, so you don’t have to worry about snacks.
  2. Eat sour fruit at least once or twice per day.
  3. Drink soft drinks and other sour drinks.
  4. Brush your teeth twice per day with fluoride toothpaste.
  5. Use floss or toothpicks daily to clean the teeth and space between your teeth.

Do you have any questions? Visit your dentist or dental hygienist.