Prices in Lemiers

We work with the high-quality materials, imported from Germany and Switzerland

Diagnosis and consultationPrice
Extended consultation€ 50,-
Emergency controle€  20,-
Panoramic X-Ray€  30,-
Dental care and dentures 
Ceramic-metal crown on natural tooth€  350,-
Inter-bridge ceramic-metal crown on natural tooth€  310,-
Ceramic-metal crown placed on implant€  375,-
Inter-bridge ceramic-metal crown on implant€  335,-
Ceramic-zirconium crown€  430,-
Inter-bridge ceramic-zirconium crown on tooth€  390,-
Ceramic-zirconium crown placed on implant€  430,-
Inter-bridge ceramic-zirconium crown on implant€  430,-
Porcelain veneers E-MAX€  370,-
Dental extraction€  35,-
Gum Smile treatment for 6 teeth€  900,-
Filling, caries cleaning, amalgam: 
1 side€  42,-
2 sides€  55,-
3 sides€  65,-
4 sides€  80,-
Endodontic treatment (tooth canal treatment): 
1 canal€  250,-
2 canals€  300,-
3 canals€  350,-
4 canals€  400,-
Post (screw +filling incl.)€  60,-
Intensive periodontal removal of tartar with ultrasound of high pressure (easy jet Pro), per 5 minutes€  10,-
Teeth whitening “Opalescence” (home whitening), per jaw€  150,-
Temporary dentures for full jaw€  210,-
Partial acrylic dentures 1-4 teeth, with metal base (incl.hooks)€  810,-
Partial acrylic dentures 5-13 teeth, with metal base (incl.hooks)€  910,-
Full removable dentures, without metal base€  450,-
Anchor with mini-SG system (aesthetic sliding system)€  250,-
Dentures with 14 teeth anchored on 2 implants (excluded implants)€  1800,-
Dentures with 14 teeth anchored on 4 implants (excluded implants)€  1980,-
Dental surgery: 
Titanium implant ICX€  695,-
Implants Straumann, Nobel bio care€ 795,-
Titanium abutment ICX€  150,-
Straumann titanium abutment, Nobel bio care€  200,-
Indirect Sinus lift, less than 8 mm of bone (included filling material)€  450,-
Direct Sinus lift, less than 5 mm of bone (included mat. + bone graft + membrane) per side of upper jaw€  1200,-
Bone graft of 1.2 gram€  200,-
Membrane for bone graft€  200,-
Periodontal treatment, per jaw€  200,-
Root canal operation, 1 tooth€  250,-
Root canal operation, 2 teeth€  375,-
Temporary removable dentures, 3-14 teeth, acryl€  210,-


After consultation with the dentist you will receive a detailed invoice at the office of our clinic. You can pay for treatment in the clinic by: internet bank transfer (for this you need to have authorization codes), in cash or by credit card (Maestro).

At the beginning of crowns installation the patient pays 50% of total cost, and before the finalization of this procedure, the patient will pay the remaining amount.

The day of the implant placement, the patient pays the total cost of the implants.

Prices do not include:

The cost of transport and stay.

Prices include:

Multilingual assistance, transfer from the hotel to the clinic.

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