Privacy regulation, quality and guarantee

From May 25th 2018 The General Data Protection Regulation (AVG) is in force. From this date the privacy legislation is valid in the European Union (EU). Previous ​​Dutch Personal Data Protection Act (Wbp) is not valid anymore.

Dental practice Dental Lemiers did the best to conform about this data to all rules.

Privacy regulation

Here you can peruse our privacy regulation (open PDF).

Form about AVG privacy legislation

If you choose our practice for your treatment, then we need your explicit permission to be allowed to process your data in our patient system. We will ask you for signing this Privacy Regulation during your first visit to our practice.


Our aim is to provide decent quality care to our clients. That’s why we have created a policy according to which the qualitative care is monitored and guaranteed.

1. Our practice complies with dental standards, is modern and well accessible.

2. Our dentists are highly trained and experienced in dentistry, and they are also registered in the quality register and maintain their level of knowledge with the help of courses and trainings.

3. Our dentists have the X-ray radiation expert 5A/M.

4. Our dentists control the Dutch language and are registered with BIG.

5. Our dentists assist in Dutch language, they are well trained and maintain their knowledge with courses and trainings.

6. We keep quality of our services and annually visit the Association of Dutch Dentists (ANT).

7. Equipment and materials which we use in our practice meet the European quality standards and requirements, moreover our equipment pass the technical control every year.

8. It is environmentally conscious with separate waste and amalgam filters.

9. Our practice is affiliated with the Dutch Occupation Group (ANT) and uses a formal complaint scheme.

10. Quality report is prepared annually.

11. Patient satisfaction survey is hold annually and published on the site.

12. Services are well accessible for disabled people.

13. There is a RI & E plan and a evacuation plan.

14. There is a KEW (Nuclear Energy) file.

15. All work is hold in accordance to the established policy plans and protocols.


We provide 3 years warranty on dental reconstructions (porcelain crowns, bridges, dentures, implants) made at our clinic.

In addition, the implants manufacturer provides 10 years of warranty on his materials (for breakage).

The matter is that you need to maintain your teeth properly as recommended by our dentist. You can also get documentation with maintenance advice.

It is also important to visit our dental clinic every six months for examination, so that we can solve any problems in time.

Guarantee is valid only in our clinic. If you have made some changes at other dental clinic, guarantee will not cover it.

If you have a problem or if another dentist has identified it, you should contact our clinic and give our dentist an opportunity to resolve this problem under warranty.