Root canal Treatment

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Save up to € 200 compared to other clinics for a dentist diagnostics

Printed treatment plan without obligations with all the pros and cons

2 to 3 alternative treatments (cheap and more expensive)

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The human teeth consist of a crown and one or more roots. The crown is the part you see. The roots you don’t see. They are anchored under your gums. In each root there is a canal with root canal. They include nerve fibers and small blood vessels. This tissue is called pulpa. If the tissue is inflamed the dentist performs a root canal treatment.

Root canal treatment

Root canal treatment_2
The root canal treatment is held under the local anesthesia if your dental tissue is still (in part) ‘alive’. Sometimes anesthesia isn’t necessary if your dental tissue is already extinct. Often your dentist makes one or more x-rays. Thus he has a good control over the course of treatment. First your dentist works with your tooth, opens and removes the inflamed tissue. After this, he cleans the canal with small fillets and rinse it with a disinfectant rinsing liquid. Then the channels are filled. After the root canal treatment, your dentist will complete your tooth or close it with a filling. If a tooth is weak, a crown may be required. Such treatment can take more time.