Tips for patients

Several tips for patients before visiting dentist

This list of tips is made for patients with the aim to help them to prepare for conversation with dentists concerning treatment plan and examination.

Before conversation

  • Make sure that you know the aim of your conversation with dentist.
  • Make sure that you know what to tell him
  • Prepare questions
  • Make sure that you know medicines you take
  • Check your insurance concerning any dental treatment expenses

Information which you need to get

Please, make sure you get information about:

  • Dentist’s diagnostics
  • Examination or treatment (treatment plan) which dentist is going to propose you
  • The purpose of examination or treatment
  • Consequences and risks after examination and/or treatment
  • Alternative variants of examination and/ or treatment and their consequences and risks
  • What you need to do and what not before examination and/ or treatment.
  • When examination and / or treatment starts and how long it will last
  • Medicines (pain relief) which you need to take and their side effect
Information you need to get
  • What you can or cannot do after examination and /or treatment and about your state of health
  • Treatment cost
  • Consequences if you don’t treat yourself in time.
  • Check with your health insurer in advance if the treatment must be requested in writing form
  • Notify the dentist’s payment terms or any customized payment arrangements
  • Make sure that you have enough time to think about the proposed examination and / or treatment
  • Decide whether you give permission for an examination and / or treatment and make that decision known to the dentist