Tooth Brushing

It is important to have good oral hygiene

With a good oral hygiene, you keep teeth and gums healthy. Tooth cleaning is the basis for this.

Plaque removal

To keep your mouth healthy you need to remove plaque. This is a white-yellow layer, which is hardly visible and can occur between your teeth and on the transition to the gums. Plaque consists of bacteria and products of bacteria. Almost all our food and drinks contain sugar and starch. Sugar is added to many foods, but there is also sugar in products (for example fruit). The bacteria in the mouth convert sugar and starch into acids. Those acids cause holes in your teeth. Dental plaque also causes gums inflammation in case if you do not remove the plaque properly. The inflammation can expand and affect the jawbone and you can start to loose your teeth.

Plaque cleaner

Plaque is often of pale yellow color and is not visible. The bleach of dental plaque is a red tablet form that can indicate the dental plaque. After the toothpaste, chew the tablet and spread the dye with the tongue over the teeth. Then drink a little water to rinse the excess of red dye from the tablet. Red spots on the teeth indicate a plaque. After some time, the dye will disappears by itself.

Plaque cleaner
Tooth brush


Choose a soft brush with a small brush head. Change the toothbrush every three months or even earlier.
With an electric toothbrush, you can easily remove the plague. The electric toothbrush allows you to focus more on the placement of the brush head in your mouth.

Use fluoride toothpaste

Use fluoride toothpaste on a dry brush. This method creates less foam and gives you more visibility while brushing.

What is the right method of tooth cleaning?

There are different cleaning methods. As usual it is advised to make short horizontal movements. Pay attention to the transition from the gum to the tooth. Place the brush on this place at 45 degree angle on the gum. Holding the brush at the end of the handle between your thumb and the tip of your fingers exerts enough pressure.

Instruction how to clean teeth

Always keep the right order while cleaning you teeth. When you clean teeth on the lower jaw, first clean your teeth inside, then outside and on the top. The upper jaw should be cleaned in the same order. Clean your teeth twice per day no less than 2 minutes. Do it mainly after breakfast and before bedtime.

Tooth cleaning instruction_1
Tooth cleaning instruction_2
Tips for cleaning teeth
  • When you clean the lower teeth, put the lower lip away with the help of your thumb and first finger
  • If necessary, brush your teeth inside of the lower jaw and under the tongue.
  • Start with posterior teeth. Then move to the rest of your teeth.
  • It does not matter if you first clean the lower or the upper jaw, but always keep the same order.
  • Whether you are using a simple toothbrush or an electric brush, also clean the space between your teeth with floss or toothpicks. Choose the tools in consultation with your dentist or dental hygienist.

Caution: Excessive or improper use of oral hygiene tools may cause teeth or gums damage.

Tooth cleaning tips_1
Tooth cleaning tips_2