Working methods in Lemiers

Methods of dental treatment at Dental Lemiers clinic

Dental Lemiers provides comprehensive dental care for patients of all ages. In our practice, there is no complete anesthesia, patients receive it locally in the mouth.

First contact:

You can call or write an email to our clinic. One of our medical staff can help you to make an appointment where you can get diagnosis and treatment plan.

1st Visit: Appointment, Research and Diagnosis

1st Visit

To help our patients to prepare for the appointment in a proper way, we have created a page “Tips for patients”, which you should definitely read. Click here to read it.
While the first examination, the dentist will determine the nature of your problem or complaint and aswer your questions.
For proper treatment, good oral hygiene is very important, ie. healthy gums, no inflammation, etc..

Next steps will be taken during your first dental visit:
  • Dentist will ask about your medical history
  • Dentist will determine your questions and wishes
  • Dentist will pay attention to any abnormalities of the face
  • Will be done examination of your teeth and gums
  • Will be done a diagnostic
  • If necessary, an X-ray (small) or OPG (large) will be made
  • Will be offered solutions-alternatives and treatment cost
  • Will be prepared a treatment plan

Think time:

You will have time to read the all provided information, so you can make an informed decision. Of course, you can consult with other dentist. You can even decide to postpone treatment or visit other clinic.

Think time


If you want to be treated by Dental Lemiers dentist, we ask you to indicate your treatment choice and sign the proposed treatment plan. Your consent to treatment is required before the beginning of the treatment!

Treatment: Treatment planning;

The different phases and duration of the treatments are discussed with your dentist, so you know when and what will happen. Then will start the preparation for treatment or the exact treatment process.

Supervision over the patient

Supervision over the patient:

After you finish the full treatment, you will be offered an aftercare program. We follow the general post-care policy after 1, 3 and 6 months. After the aftercare program, we follow the policy on periodic checks (Periodic Mouth Research).
Proper oral hygiene and follow-up of periodic controls are essential for your oral health and life of your teeth. Only in this way it is possible to signal and solve problems in time.

In addition, there are two factors that make a positive contribution to healthy gums: non smoking and avoid stress.